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As per the Birth Certificate Act 1969 and Maharashtra Birth and Identity Registration 2000, the outpost under the Joint Department of Birth and Death Records within the city limits of Satara Municipality.


1. Birth and Death Registration Certificates are available to the citizens after submission of the Birth and Death Registration Report (Sample No. 1 and 2) by the Medical Institutions/Dispensaries in Satara city in a neat, clear, uncluttered manner and after submission of Form No. 4 (Cause of Death) along with the Death Registration Report. was

2. While registering the death incidents that occurred at home in Satara city, application as per the prescribed format, funeral receipt, sample no. 4 (a) Medical certificate of cause of death at home must be produced.

3. Antenatal/postnatal check-up card or medical certificate must be submitted in the prescribed format while registering home births.

4. The child's mother or father must be present at the time of taking the first birth certificate. There is no provision to change the name of the born boys/girls once registered.

5. In order to make corrections other than the name entered in the birth certificate, it is necessary to submit the application form, declaration form, ration card xerox, proof affidavit.



“Birth or death, registration required.”

“Births and deaths should be registered wherever they occur.”


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